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Carol Kerr, Certified Coach, Facilitator and Trainer
Anita Pathik, Certified Coach, Facilitator, Spiritual Teacher and Author

Carol Kerr, Certified Coach

Carol received her initial coach training from the Franklin Covey organization in 2004. She has built upon that initial training by receiving certifications in a number of leadership and management assessment and coaching programs. In 2015 she completed her Dreambuilder Coaching Certification program and has used that to help individuals establish a clear vision and  comprehensive action plans to achieve their most important goals.  


In her work as a partnership coach, Carol has helped people challenged by their different styles and opinions to find effective ways of working together on their common goals.

To Carol, coaching is all about finding people's strengths and building on them.  "By building confidence and competence, clients are able to self -manage their weaknesses. My clients tell me that because of the time they spent focusing on developing key strengths, they have become more effective in both their personal and professional lives."


Because many people are unaware of many of their key strengths, Carol recommends using 360 assessments with those seeking to grow in their careers.  These tools allow peers, subordinates and managers to offer input anonymously.  It is typical for managers to discover both strengths and weaknesses of which they were unaware.  "The biggest value of an individual or 360 assessment is that it jump starts the coaching process and focuses our conversation on leveraging identified strengths to improve relationships and business results."  


Anita Pathik is a professional coach who serves a variety of client needs.  She is appreciated by those who are seeking spiritual clarity, professional direction, or relationship skills.  She has been trained and certified by Self Management Group, Franklin Covey  Marshall Goldsmith Coaching. 

Anita's other accomplishments include writing the book "The Power of My Way" and innumerable training programs for both professional groups and spiritual seekers.   

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Selecting a Coach

The coach/coachee relationship is a personal one.  It is important to clarify your goals and to identify certain things that you want from a coaching relationship.  For example, some clients want a sounding board so that they can hear themselves think.  Others want to get very specific advice and direction from their coach about how to develop a specific skill. For some people, the value of coaching lies in having someone hold them accountable for specific action steps each week. 

Because your success is our success we take care in matching your needs to our coaches' strengths.  An initial session is always complimentary and designed to clarify your goals and needs.  don't hesitate to call today (410-349-1998) or email us 
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